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the physics of unpacking

i think i could live in a constant state of moving for the rest of my life. moving out, packing, swtiching utilities, meeting with landlords, signing leases, faxing leases, and a dozen other things to worry about. i think i rather enjoyed the whole process simply because i needed to be focused on a number of different things at once. i actually got to use all those neurons. i could feel each one firing this past week.

but now that the moving part is done, a new breed of mundane activity is filling the void leftover by yesterday's move. unpacking. what a relentless bitch. just when you think you have every glass unwrapped from the numerous newspapers they've been wrapped in another box simply pops up out of nowhere. i thought we'd have enough space for all of scott's "trophies" but they still look pretty congested on that shelf.
i have no t.v. in my room, so i was forced last night to try and watch a dvd on this here "porn box." the movie looked terribly grainy on this small screen and movement was not well projected. i'm thinking about solutions to this problem, but it seems i may be stuck with this thing for a few weeks. maybe as i move into august i'll have a more accurate projection of my total costs of this place. it sucks, but that's what happens when you use your computer to sastify your male curiosities.

i was just out on the porch smoking a cigarette and i met the last neighbor. i've noticed a spider web hanging around the bottom of the sliding door. when i went out today my new friend was cocooning a bug that happened upon the web. this thing is big. one of the biggest spider's i have ever seen (not caged or in a movie of course) he or she stood on the web for a moment as i sat down. contemplating whether or not to proceed with it's meal. then it finished and scurried across the web and into this little hole in the wall. it's kind of like death row. the last meal. because at around eight o clock tonight, i'm going explode that hole with insect killer. just the thought of it moving along inside the walls gives me the creeps. eh.

water still isn't turned on. i must say i'm rather displeased with pa american water. they've been very slow and i've done everything they've asked. they can afford to be slow because they have the resource i want. either way, they are going to make money and control my hydration. bastards. dirty rotten filthy bastards. i was unwrapping stuff from the newspapers and now my hands are covered with ink from yesterday's news. and last year's. i feel like silly puddy and that's not how i want to begin describing myself here in crafton. brad "silly puddy" grimes. it has a ring to it, but i'll be damned if that's how i'm remembered.

i'm finding all kinds of stuff that has been packed away for like a year now. it's a bittersweet reunion, where i'm like "oh yeah. i did have this." and then i realize i got along fine without it, so now it's just like get it away from me.

air conditioning. oh sweet baby jesus in heaven. there is nothing more sinful than air conditioning. it's running right now. i can here the sixty seven degree air pumping through the house. and then it blasts from the vents, slowing. expelling the humid late june air, and bringing october temperatures to my home. there is nothing quite like air conditioning. i've dealt with window air conditioners for the past few years. if you start doing something (mop, sweep, cook) the apartment would get to hot. way too hot to live comfortably, without sweat poring from every which where. i was actually cold last night. i mean cold. shivering. needed a blanket. that's how i want to live. in constant need of a blanket.

cable got hooked up today. i think this dude who came was like former englishman. he didn't have the accent, but he used "bloody" in a number of sentences. he looked scottish to be perfectly honest. if i asked him to write out color or flavor there mgiht be some more evidence should he have included a U in them. he was friendly. making sure everything was hooked up to my liking before he left. and then i really got down and into the unpacking.

which is where i'm at now. most of it's done, but there's an ever growing pile of garbage. and sadly, garbage day was yesterday. another little fun tidbit. i tried to get mail forwarding via the post office from their website yesterday morning. because we lived above a business the post office says it cannot do mail forwarding because the entire address is listed as a business. john pankis you son of a bitch. the apartments were off the record, meaning no lease, no taxes, no legal residency in the building. i swtiched everything i could think of to this address, but it's still a big ole crock of bull shit. 

that's about it for now.

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