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post-28 weeks later, post fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer. i'm beyond all that now. a fun-filled evil day at the theatre can be more fun than a case of beer and and a very aroused ex girlfriend, who you randomly bumped into in the middle of new york city. alas, the former is what i delved into today. 

with me now are three others, i'd like to mention. all three all small seedlings of the cannabis sativa plant. germinated, planted and miracle grown. they are coming in fairly nice. we worried about the properly lighting, temperatures, etc. neither one of us had any expierence in growing things. horticulture, is quite possibly an art. those artists, who grow the grapes, and make an amount of wine to be called delicious, they deserve special racognition. here's to you guys.

at the wave pool the other day, i left my keys on the driver's side door. and henceforth locked them into my car. another careless mistake in the same vein as leaving my lights on. this event marks notch number four into the dialed triple a genre, and the score is now tied between leaving my lights on and locking my keys inside the vehicle. it's a serious game, dangerous and serious. who will win? it comes down, in the end, to whatever stupidity i feel like being involved in that day.

last night at the bar. the hofbrau, located in the luxourious and wealthy east end canonsburg. east end has been home to some of the greats over the past few years. these selective few, they are awaiting admission into the rock n roll hame of fame. these elite, they are waiting for their stars on that street in hollywood, that highlights the stars. the hofbrau, the center of the heart of canonburg. the streets connecting to it, they are arteries. deeply clogged arteries that require economic properity and renewed interest to continue flowing blood at perfect level. the horbrau was a bar i would never go into by myself, or with a group of people for that matter. in any case, i went last night. external forces were acting on my and strange and mysterious ways. despite myths and legends that still haunt the woods of canonsburg the hofbrau was a fairly ordinary bar. the patrons were different, but the bar resembled the classic slapshots of dormont. sitting there i felt out of place, but at the same time i felt at home. 

there's a pool table at the hofbrau. my brother, friend, colleuage, and associate, and our wacky neighbor Alan were playing the table. working their balls in magical ways. after a few games of who fucked who first, a former co-worker of all of ours came into the bar. placing fifty cents on the side of the table, she signaled that she would want to play next. name changed for legal reasons, we shall call her female #1. her shirt was worn slighty above the top of the jeans. strange how the 360 degree piece of skin can draw so much eye, and banter. strange how every time she was cueing on my side of the table, the universe would suddenly become euphoric. strange how i still remember that, 24 hours later and sober now. but not that strange at all. first place girls are everywhere. always drawing my attention from the road i should be watching. or the ice cream cone i should be eating.

poor, poor ryan connelly. perhaps his first time to stage. perhaps his first time delivering material, in front of a live studio audicence. poor, poor ryan connelly. at an amateur stand-up contest, ryan connelly was the first to stage. among the nice contestants, ryan went on first. the weight of the entire evening in his hands, ryan forgot his material. ryan couldn't remember the even slightest inkling of his observations. he puttered at the microphone. stumbling for his words. 

a second viewing of 28 weeks later, revealed some overly novice acting. but what can one expect from a horror film. most of the budget is spent on make-up and with a meager stock pile of money, acting is usually the least of a horror films worries. 28 weeks later is of course a sequel to the intensely popular 28 days later. the two compared are very different films. recently deceased cannibals have been a favorite genre of mine for as long as i can remember. night of the living dead(remake) was the first i can remember seeing. from there i went down of road of return of the living dead 2, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, return of the living dead, return of the living dead part  3, land of the dead, 28 days later, dawn of the dead,  shaun of the dead, grindhouse, 28 weeks later. plus an even or odd number of less popular  zombie films. perhaps its the post-devestation, or the struggle for survival, the valuable insight on the human condition or dilema, however i love zombie movies. 

the casino opened this week. ha, and on the same day west virginia counties began passing laws to allow card games. wheeling is expected to have them as early as labor day. pennsylvanians feeble minded plan to draw more interest and money to the state has been outwitted by the back woods bumpkins of w.v. i can't help but think of scooby doo. west virginia serves as scooby doo, and pennsylvania acts as a random masked man dressed up as some creature. we would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those darn west virginians. 

in any case, scott and i sleazed our way down there, to get first hand expierience in the post modern pennsylvania life. many were worried that crime and drugs would come to western pa, if we allowed such triffel machines in our precious corner of the world. i saw no crime while i was there. there were however one dozen grade a, pastuerized cop vehicles sprawled all along race track road. waiting for some depressed, and broke drunk to pick a fight with the wrong cocktail waitress. every police guy in the building had one hand firmly placed on their night stick, their other gently stroking their man sized manhood. excited masturbation is all they would see this night. forty dollars, folded neatly into twenties were in my wallet. ready to win, win big. casinos are truly the meaning of america. the possibilty of winning. i don't understand why there needs to be any laws prohibiting or allowing them. the outlawing of gambling is outlawing our entire way of life. 

my first eleven dollars is blown real quick, with a blue moon, a heinken, and a cold shot of citron. the remaining twenty nine is lost among the hungry slots. ready for their first truly blood thirsty appetite. and these beast will not stop taking your money, even after they've mugged and raped you, they still thirst for more penetrating your entire soul, and causing some to take the great final plunge from a commercialized, xbox filthy planet to the big beyond below. on a lighter note, scott did leave the casino with more than he brought in. that bastard. i recommend going to anyone who is not currently perscribed to any mao inhibitors. 

the big finish to that fun time, was scott's acquisition of the attractive female bartenders number. now among the list of the many such phone numbers, the future of course in air. her name for legal reasons will also be omitted. only now known as female #2

fanatastic four 2. slightly better than the original, but still hasty on the eyes. tonight brought back memories of nancy callahan. the pole dancing alba from sin city. jessica is my one true love. and bill pullman is my dad. bill paxton my even less popular uncle. next up of course the much anticipated live free or die hard. i'm a bruce willis wannabe. he's is seriously the man. a diverse portfolio of work, and a pretty cool dude in general.

from here on out, everything's going be ok. i can feel like everything that needed to fall into place has fallen. the casino has great carpet, a dump truck load of movies are coming out this summer. the pools are open and the out door barbeque pits are fired up. it's certainly not happiness or fulfillment, but summer break students are getting all the nourishment they need for this year.
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