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weddings and scratch kitchens

big rick is finally settling down this weekend, and becoming a one woman man. the holy ceremony of matrimony (minus the christ) happens this weekend in the forest setting of upstate pa. alot of us have been wondering when it was going to happen, and sometime after the superbowl big rick got down on one knee in a sea of rose petals and popped the question.

ah, young love in old people. it's refreshing to see.

dad has spared no expense i can see from dinner to wine. but you only get married twice in some cases. the whole lot of us are trekking up that way to be a part of this event, some have hailed "the social engagement of the season." one new york time's columnist refered to this wedding as the "dionysian utopia only dreamer's can think of" but seriously though, congratulations to mr. and mrs. soon to be mrs. grimes.

holidays rapidly approaching. i drove by applebees in robinson on my way to work yesterday and noticed a big sign in black lettering reading "WE WILL BE OPEN AT 8AM ON BLACK FRIDAY." good for them. and thank god i don't work there. i asked my manager if we would be opening early too. "alittle earlier than usual, but not at 8. you see brad, we are a scratch kitchen. we have alot more prep to do than applebee's." i rolled my eyes, and minded my business. putting scratch in front of your kitchen seems to give you the right to charge five dollars more for the meal. and i hate that everytime i ask a question, i get corporate philosophy in return. scratch kitchen. what a load.but they are paying the bills. i need a good business model to stand behind. something i believe in, or am willing to let go of my conceited preconceived notions of corporate america. how much will it cost to buy my soul?

or putting micro in front of brewery means the beer suddenly costs more. or homemade in front of pie means the pie is suddenly 6.99 or more.

i've been watching amc's madmen these past few weeks. the show is tragically human. honest, but bitter towards it's honesty. and i recorded the new remake of V that abc is doing. the reviews for that show were incredibly misleading. someone wrote that it was the best pilot in years, instantly addictive and all this other garbage, but it really is pretty poorly made. the acting had me laughing in the second episode. most of the story feels rushed, and characters are jumping to conclusions really fast. they seem to simply understand the motives of the visitors after a few brief encounters.

sadly this past week my hard drive crashed and a year's worth of stolen movies was lost. i didn't know there was emotion involved in piracy, but rest assured, there is. however, on new dvd's i've noticed the decrypting software doesn't work as well as it did before. i think the industry found some way to block out dvd decrypter anyway, so maybe it will be time to go back to just plain old netflix. there are a few staple movies everyone should own. magnolia. there will be blood. no country for old men. american beauty. the lord of the rings triology. the empire strikes back. the shawshank redemption. and the departed. but i think my days of ripping and returning are drawing to a close.

dan brown's the lost symbol? seriously? i can't believe i spent 9.99 for that schlock. and what the hell was the last fifty pages about. there was action and thrills. then it seemed as if dan brown stopped writing and brought in a slow dancer to finish the book. the twists were cliche and sadly predictable. there was a whole storyline occuring at cia headquarters that ended up having nothing to do with the story at all. and while his other books aren't exactly masterpieces, in terms of addicting page turner material, this book left much to be desired.

and because i'm completely fucking bored and because it was free i tried to read charles darwin's on origin of species. i'm not entirely sure what i was expecting out of this one. i'm not a biologist or naturalist by any means. it was a revolutionary text in it's day, to be sure. but the theory has been taught well over throughout my education, and i gained very little by reading it.

dracula and salem's lot were fun. people love salem's lot. but it was just ok. compared to the other stephen king. after i finished the dark tower in april i just needed a break from the master of horror. but right before school started back up i thought i would give the lot a chance. i'm really looking forward to reading under the dome this month.

and i threw in a little nietzsche to round out the beginning of september. thus spoke zarathustra and beyond good and evil. i threw in a few bergman films for good existensial measure and now i feel completely void of god in my life. i'll drink to that. cheers.

perhaps the most signifigant event since july has been the sale of my xbox. prior to moving i started to move away from it. once moved i hadn't played it at all. in late august i thought i was going to make a videogame comeback when i started my WoW account again. but after two weeks the usual boredom took hold and i haven't played since. i started posting on craigslist for the xbox and games in the beginning of october and finally someone took the whole lot for two hundred bucks. there's been a few times since i sold it that i'm like "damn, that thing was fun." the t.v. stand doesn't look the same without it, but i just wasn't playing it. i think i fucking over did it with left 4 dead. i lost alot of life playing that game. i can't even remember doing anything from december to march expect playing that game. 

speaking of craigslist. if you really wanna see some fucked up shit, go to the casual encounters section of craigslist. i viewed two or more pages of this section and saw more than enough dick. when people are looking for quick, guilt free sex, this is where they go. a couple of the more entertaining posts included: "i'm in the pittsburgh airport terminal for the next hour. just looking for a quick lay." and "steelers just defeated the titans, i'm in the north shore and need a blow job." 



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