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images of canonsburg in the rear view mirror

So, we are moving. Finally. We've talked about it, almost made it, talked about it, almost made it again, talked about it some more. Things happened, one month led to the next, and then one year. Moving was always a back burner thing, slowly boiling till the point where we simply couldn't be here anymore. How much longer might we have stayed? God only knows. But we are outta here.

The apartment we found had been on Craigslist a few weeks. I called a few days ago, and we viewed the place yesterday afternoon. By 3pm he called us back and said it was ours to lose. We just had to get the security deposit to him. This is sort of how my first apartment was obtained. There was no credit check, or two week waiting period, it was just “Get me the cash.”

Of the many places Scott and I have looked at over the years, only two have felt like home from the moment I walked through the door. The first was this amazing house up in Dormont. Clean. Cultured. Charismatic. The landlord didn't even show it to us, and we filled out a credit check, and never heard back. This place in Crafton was the second.

We're right on the busway. Ten minutes to work again. There's a deck. Bathroom. Bedrooms. Garage. Washer/Dryer hookups. Central Air. Not located in Canonsburg. Just about everything we were looking for. There will be no foul smelling air from the poop plant over the hill, no shady characters hanging around the front of the apartment. No early morning sounds of cars being repaired, or dealing with the holiday Sarris' traffic.

Sitting back last night after work, once Scott went to bed I had sometime to think about all that has happened over these past few years. Certainly the life I led wasn't the one I set out to when I left high school. It's certainly been a pride swallowing life living here. But it was also a growing experience. People have come in and out, leaving traces behind. I've figured out more about myself than I knew was there. I learned, in a sense who I am. I've figured out my abilities and my failures. I recognize them, and the next part of my life is going to be geared towards making a living off of my skills. Or something that resembles skills.

It all started with a flood. One day it rained. It didn't stop raining till later in the night. And then the water came.

There was the night I moved in. A brief moment which I'll always remember was my cell phone that night. A year earlier I had started writing this script, when I still wanted to be a writer. It was on that day, September 19th, that I had wrote a reminder in my phone. It told me that the journey begins. It was a strange uncanny way to start my life here in Canonsburg.

Then there was the night I had a girl over. Trying to get her pants undone in the early evening hours, Scott brings the whole crew back here. It was a vicious cock block, the likes of which I still shudder in embarrassment from. I've got no shirt on, a half stock of an erection, and in come four or five souls. Funny? Some of you will say it was hilarious. I disagree. Nothing should come between a man and a vagina.

There was the night we all drank, and Brian and I pissed off the balcony. A car came rolling by and Binder starts yelling to “Clamp it off” I'm a little drunk, so I attempt to clamp it off, but what happens next is I let loose in the hallway.

There was the night Scott and I first smoked a bowl and watched Fear and Loathing.

There was the time I thought we were going to get evicted, because we hadn't paid the rent in months.

There was the time Scott and I jumped buildings and lit fireworks off from the adjacent roof.

There was Super Bowl 43, AFC Championship, Divisional Game.

There was the night Family Guy first came back on the air. Josh and I attempted to wrestle in a who has the bigger balls contest. I lost.

There was the endless nights at Eat N Park.

There was the midnight showings of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Dark Knight.

There were a bunch of stoner quotes on the wall.

There was the Rock Band night.

There was the time I got a bed.

There was the time the toilet backed up.

There are the crazy drunk, next door neighbors, who take their verbal assaults into the hallway and beat each other up.

The freezer which does not freeze.

The refrigerator which chooses to freeze.

There was World of Warcraft, forever it seemed, and Xbox.

There was the night I slept on a pile of dirty clothes because Scott had the only air conditioner in the house.

There was the night we almost got evicted cause neither one of us had cleaned for a few weeks.

There was the night Kevin Gallagher threw salt and pop bottles everywhere, and then put a knife to my throat.

The New York City night.

Super Bowl 42.

Super Bowl 41.

Super Bowl 40.

There were a lot of other things that happened during five years or so. It's been a wild, wild, wild, crazy ride here in Canonsburg. But soon this place is something I'll look back upon. My time here, and what I've learned about myself.

It took long enough, but it's finally happening.

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