brads_requiem (brads_requiem) wrote,

strange dreams the past two nights...

my classes this semester are earlier than they have ever been. 9am. while that is nothing to some of you, mind you that for my christmas break i was up until four or five everyday playing left 4 dead or fallout 3. both were considerably worth my time. ha. in any case, december 11th was the day the dark knight came out on dvd. so at midnight, my brothers and i went to walmart to purchase it. scott had to be up early the next morning, and decided to take a unisom to get his ass to sleep.

both corey and i decided to take one also. for the shear expierience i suppose. if you asked me now i couldn't really answer why we took it. but corey and i decided to have a who goes to sleep first contest after taking it. as long as your not sitting up, drinking something, or moving about, the effects hit pretty quick. if indeed they hit at all, there's always the placebo effect to consider. however since it works, i have used it a couple of times since to ensure i get to sleep and wake up for school on time.

scott told me you have very real dreams when you take it, very visceral and surreal. i never noticed it before, but my last two nights taking it have proven to prove me wrong.

the first dream, i was sitting on the side of a creek with my dad and brother. a text message came into my phone from and old worker named summer. it said "unix?" unix is the old text based operating system from back in the day. although i am sure some companies still use it in some form, somewhere, somehow. i looked at my dad, in the dream, after reading the message aloud, and he turned away looking at the water. then i looked at my foot, sitting on the side of the creek. two huge warts, and i mean huge were growing out of the top of my foot. my brother commented that they were gross looking. he recommended just ripping them off. which i did. they peeled off very easily and underneath them it appeared as if my foot was rotting away.

i woke up confused.

last night, i again took a unisom.

this time it was super bowl sunday. i'm not sure where the superbowl was being played, but it was reminiscent of caprica from battlestar galactica. we'll get to that in a moment. the steelers were playing, and i was out and about. i remember going to church at some point, and then coming outside. a huge attack was going on and bombs were flying this way and that. why i mention battlestar galactica, is because the entire series takes place after a huge attack on caprica, much like the one in my dream.


freud would say i'm jealous of my father.

it's strange how real some of those dreams can become. after the wart episode i woke up looking at my foot, just to ensure it was turning gray and slimy. just to make sure it wasn't rotting away.
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